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Need an accurate and easy-to-use Payroll Solution?

Pastel Payroll's payroll software is the most cost effective and easiest to use of the payroll software offering in South Africa.  When you add up all the costs involved of getting your payroll system up and running: software costs, implementation and training,  this is by far the best solution.

 Dont implement a payroll solution until you have all the information. Please contact us for free advice, information or questions before you buy.


 Simple, Quick and Easy-to-Use

  • All the transactgions you require are already created upon installation. There's no need to call in a consultant to setup payroll transactions for you.
  • Use the Setup wizard to create a company in minutes by answering a few questions and preferred formats.
  • Other intuitive wizards for Accounting integration, Payroll Runs, Period or Year-end updates and payslips styles makes life easy and quick.
  • Adding a new employee is easy, fast and intuitive with the Qucik Edit Mode guiding you through all the statutory fields required.
  • Capture Paysilp data in batch format or "real time" mode with live, on-screen calculations and payslip preview.
  • Quickly and easily terminate or re-instate employees.
  • Link your employees to templates to save time and ensure accuracy.
  • Software use and legislative help file available at the touch of a button.


Powerfull Reporting & Printing Flexibility

  • Output reports to screen, printer, Word, Excel or PDF.
  • Print each employees payslips in their own language. All of the 11 official languages are included.
  • Ships with many powerfull reports for audit trails, transaction history, monthly analysis and coinage analysis.
  • Custom report writer included at no extra charge.
  • Business Intelligence Reporting Add-On module for powerfull, automated Excel reporting.


Other Functions We Love

There are many wonderful functions and facilites in Pastel Payroll but we cant go through them all here. Here are some of our favorites.

  • Frictionless Updates - If you have an active internet connection you can update your Payroll with the click of a button without having to visit Pastel's website. Making sure you are on the latest version with the correct legislative information and calculations.
  • Customised Transcations and Formula - If you happen to have a very complex commission formula or other unusual requirement, pastel payroll allows for creating of new transactions and formula.
  • Leave Processing - Leave processing and reporitng comes standard in Pastel Payroll. There's no need to purchase an additional module as with other payroll solutions in South Africa.
  • SARS E@syFile Integration - SARS E@syFile reconcilliations are a breeze with Pastel Payroll.  Send your data straight from Payroll into E@syFile, eliminating costly errors and saving you time and trouble. This is going to be a monthly procedure in the future so start making E@syFile easy.
  • HR Software Integration - Pastel's new HR Module integrates directly into Pastel Payroll or can even be used as a stand-alone. Have a look here.
  • Clock-In System Integration - Pastel Payroll now has Payroll InTime. A biometric clock-in systems that seamlessly integrates to Pastel Payroll. Have a look here.
  • General Ledger Integration - Integrate your Payroll information with Pastel Partner, Pastel Xpress and other accounting packages.
  • Add-On Modules - There is a wealth of add-on modules to accomodate any and all payroll requirement. Have a look here.


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