Pastel Payroll Training Courses

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Courses available in: Cape Town, Joburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Pitermaritzburg, Bloemfontein & Nelspriut.

Shedule April - June 2014

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By completing Pastel's five 1-day payroll training courses within a 6 month period and obtaining your Payroll Administration Certification, you will have all the knowledge and skills you need to process your payroll effectively and efficiently in order for your business to get the optimal return from your payroll software. It's also a great addition to your CV.

By obtaining this certification, you will be a specialist in your field and have a recognised certification with the ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) aligning you with a professional body, allowing you to use the designation CSPAIcb(SA) – Certified Senior Payroll Administrator upon successful registration with the ICB.


Pastel Payroll Administration Qualification - 5 Days  R9 182.00

  • Pastel Payroll Administration Training [Module 1 of 5]
  • Pastel Payroll Basic Software Training [Module 2 of 5]
  • Pastel Payroll Advanced Software Training [Module 3 of 5]
  • Pastel Payroll Tax Training [Module 4 of 5]
  • Pastel Payroll Problem Solving Training [Module 5 of 5]


Pastel Payroll Administration Training [Module 1 of 5] - 1 Day  R1 933.00

Everything you need to know about effectively running a compliant payroll office.

  • The A to Z on effectively running the Payroll Office
  • All you need to know about the Acts that govern payroll in South Africa
  • Company policy and the responsibilites of the Payroll Administrator
  • Processing terminations correctly
  • Producing reports to assist in reconcilling tax and performing your own payroll audit
  • Step-by-step procedures on completeing statutory forms and UIF Submissions


Pastel Payroll Basic Software Training [Module 2 of 5] - 1 Day  R1 772.00

A fundamental course for every Pastel Payroll user.

  • How to create your company and ensure it is setup correctly
  • How to create employees and maintain them
  • How to setup a payslip for an employee and ensure statutory compliance
  • Capturing overtime and additional payment transactions
  • Undertsanding and changing transactions to suit specific processing requirements
  • Setting up and processing EFT's
  • Printing payslips and reports
  • Making backups
  • Closing off a month and moving to a new pay period


Pastel Payroll Advanced Software Training [Module 3 of 5] - 1 Day  R1 772.00

Ensure you utilise Pastel Payroll to it's full potential

  • Importing and exporting information
  • Protecting payroll information with user access rights and password
  • Create new transaction templates and formulae for unusual transactions
  • Using the Batch transactions facility for multiple transactions
  • Setting up new rates for specialised shift allowances
  • Printing reports for previous periods
  • Learn how to use the powerful Multiple Transaction Manager for global changes


Pastel Payroll Tax Training [Module 4 of 5] - 1 Day R1 933.00

Are you taxing your employees correctly?

  • Legislative requirements fully explained and made simple
  • Fringe benefits and tax calculations made simple
  • Understanding the factors that influence the tax calculation
  • Correctly applying directives
  • Taxing temporary and part-time employees
  • Performing the SITE and PAYE split
  • Understanding the calculations behind Pastel Payroll


Pastel Payroll Problem Solving Training [Module 5 of 5] - 1 Day  R1 772.00

Simple steps on how to become a payroll expert.

This comprehensive training course will provide you with extensive problem solving techniques.

  • Indetifying tax discrepencies
  • Evaluating payroll tax parameters
  • Payroll tax tips
  • How to make leave adjustments
  • Loading year-to-date leave information
  • How to utilise reports for problem solving
  • Using monthly analysis reports for payroll auditing
  • Common mistakes when making backups
  • How to successfully restore a backup 


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